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Green Furniture

I don’t mean painted green (although our green milk paint colors: acadia pear, millstone, and sage are really pretty!). I am talking about good-for-the-environment-green. One of the things that we have a choice about is to buy really inexpensive furniture that fits what we need for right now, or furniture that is more expensive, but locally made and well made. The inexpensive stuff isn’t made well and doesn’t last long. I heard someone call it “throw away” furniture. The furniture we sell is meant to last a lifetime or more; so buying well-made furniture is good for the environment. Our furniture is also made right in Canada! So, buying locally is also good for the environment. We also use only water-based stains and our line of paints are milk paints- the greenest paint there is! Milk paint is safe for people and the environment. The ingredients used in the base paint are all biodegradable. Milk paint is completely free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) solvents, or harmful poisons of any kind. Milk paint is lead-free, mercury-free, free of petroleum by-products, and is low odor. We love the idea of making green choices when it comes to furniture!

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