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Spring Cleaning

The bright sunshine of Spring is here. I can feel the difference. One thing I get the urge to do is clean. I have to do something with all of this Spring Fever Energy! One of the areas in my house that needs a make-over is my laundrey room. It just isn’t functioning very well- I need organization. I am going to brighten up the floor with one of our cotton woven rugs (talked about those on my last post)- probably in 4 x 6 to go in front of the washer and dryer.

Next, which brings me to this week’s favorite thing, I am buying a laundry cart! This cart is from the original factory in East Boston and we sell them at White Magdelena House! Steele laundry carts are used in laundromats and factories. We carry 2 sizes, I am buying the large one for my house. It hold tons of laundry! Now that we have our laundry on the 2nd floor, I can wheel it right into our rooms to put away clothes and linens. I love the industrial look of it, too! I think it will be the cure I am looking for to all that laundry (clean, but still…) that ends up on the top of our washer and dryer- growing piles…

Anyone have any laundry room ideas? How do you get organized in the laundry room/with laundry in your house?

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